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Our diesel injection method provides low noise, clean combustion and high performance as fuel is injected in a swirling motion into a specially formed chamber during compression to create the optimum air/fuel mix.






Situated in the western part of Japan’s main island, Honshu, Osaka is one of the largest cities in the world and is part of the Kansai region, the nation’s primary centre for economics. It is also the place Kubota calls home and our headquarters and one of our 20 production plants are located in the city.


Kaizen means “change for better” and it’s a philosophy Kubota has always adhered to. We strike for constant improvement in all areas of our operations in order to both maintain and create high customer satisfaction.

Four-wheel Steering

Kubota understands that manoeuvrability is key for modern farmers so we use four wheel steering to ensure our vehicles can turn in very small radii.
Bi-Speed Turn

This is Kubota’s new steering system and offers even greater control. In regular vehicles, all the wheels run at the same speed, but with this system the front axle is automatically sped up once the steering angle reaches 30 degrees, allowing turning in smaller circles.

Zero Turn System

Driving wheels can be controlled independently of each other with this innovative feature. When one wheel is turned forwards and the other backwards, it is possible for the vehicle to turn on the spot.

Safety Starting System

This system prevents the vehicle from being started in gear, meaning that lurching is avoided and the operator is protected from danger.

E-TVCS System (Three Vortex Combustion System)

Our diesel injection method provides low noise, clean combustion and high performance as fuel is injected in a swirling motion into a specially formed chamber during compression to create the optimum air/fuel mix.

Rear PTO

This is where the mechanical power take off is mounted on the rear of the vehicle and takes power directly from the engine to provide maximum versatility.

3-point hitch / 3-point linkage / rear power lift

This type of hydraulic power lift consists of one top link and two lower links for the attachment of numerous farming implements. Lifts are rated in categories one to four, depending on the size of the tractor.

Differential lock / limited-slip differential

Designed to avoid slip and wheelspin by locking the differential.

Front power lift / 3-point hitch coupling / 3-point quick hitch

This is typically used for the attachment of front-mounted implements. Again these are rated in categories according to the size of the tractor.

HST / Hydrostatic Transmission

This system transmits power hydraulically via a hydraulic motor and adjustable oil pump rather than mechanically. The benefits are smooth starts and easy directional changes.

PTO braking function

Implements are automatically braked when PTO is switched off, lowing risks and coasting time.

Glide Shift Transmission (GST)

GST allows users to alter the direction of movement and the transmission can be shifted into a variety of speeds.


Monitoring performance is easy with Kubota’s intellipanel. Among others, it features easy to read displays for PTO speeds, operating hours and travelling speed.

Glide Steer

Our patented steering system enables the inside wheel to be turned on or off depending on the angle of the front axle. This means the vehicle can be maneuvered without the rear wheels grinding.

Hydraulic wet disc brake

This system cools the brakes using gear oil to ensure they last longer and remain free from wear.


Hydraulic wet-type clutch

The clutch is integrated into the transmission with this kind of system and cooled with gear oil, providing exceptional longevity.

Easy Checker System

Checking the performance of instruments is simple as all warning lights are located in the operator’s field of view.


Deflectors are an optional attachment for rear discharge lawnmowers. It works by deflecting cuttings back to the ground when a grass collector is not being used.


Mulching / mowing with mulching function

With this mowing system, cuttings are retained inside the deck for a period and cut several times to leave a smaller discharge.


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