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The KUBOTA Corporation was founded in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota in Osaka, Japan. The company’s roots go back to the time of the industrial revolution, when many technical developments took place which still influence our lives today. Although initially the emphasis was still on the manufacture of cast-iron pipes for water lines in order to contain and prevent the spread of infectious diseases with clean drinking water, in 1922, the firm presented its first kerosene-fuelled engine. In the mid-1940s, Kubota expanded its range to include agricultural machinery. Construction machinery, tractors, combine harvesters, mini-excavators and incinerators were added over time. The product range of the Kubota Group is rounded out by the business domains of generators, drinking water treatment, water pumps and recycling.

1890 : Gonshiro Kubota

founded the Kubota company in Japan

Casting technology was and still is one of the central pillars of Kubota. All the crankcases and cylinder heads for manufacturing engines are produced in the in-house foundry. There, experts in their fields work with long-term success to meet the ongoing new casting challenges facing engine designers even in large-scale production when producing complicated cast parts with a consistently high level of quality and precision.

The KUBOTA Corporation markets their branded products in more than 130 countries worldwide (more information at www.kubota-global.net).

1922 : foundry technology

is still one of the key areas of Kubota

KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH is the German sales company of the Japanese KUBOTA Corporation. It began operations in 1979 with the sale of diesel engines and utility machinery and has been based in the Nieder-Roden area of Rodgau (in the Rhine-Main region) since 1993.

Through its extensive network, KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH markets tractors and industrial engines in Germany, Poland and various Eastern European countries. The following business domains are located in Rodgau:

Ride-on mowers and utility tractors, as well as multi-purpose vehicles

Multi-purpose tractors for agricultural use

Industrial engines

Replacement parts


1983 Kubota (Deutschland)

is the German distribution company of Kubota Corporation, Japan

Since 1988, compact construction machinery has been produced by KUBOTA Baumaschinen GmbH in Zweibrücken, which is also responsible for marketing these products (kbm.kubota-eu.com).

Kubota Global Identity

Spirits - Brand Statement - Mission

An adequate supply of food and clean water and an unspoilt environment are indispensable for human beings. The world is faced with complex challenges, as the growing global population and the intensive use of natural resources put these essentials at risk. The issues of environment, food and water are directly linked and cannot be considered in isolation. In order to meet these challenges, intelligent and modern ideas and concepts, as well as resource-conserving and high-quality products, technologies and services are required.

We are working to protect our planet and support people by manufacturing products for producing food and providing a reliable water supply.

It is Kubota's mission to manufacture these technologies and products to the highest possible standards and continuously develop them for the benefit of mankind and our planet. All of our employees are committed to this goal. This is what makes Kubota so unique: we combine our vision and customer satisfaction with our aims of protecting the environment and ensuring basic food resources for a growing global population. This is what we stand for, as highlighted by our brand statement: For Earth, For Life – Kubota.

The employees are what sets a company apart, what makes it different from other companies and what makes it so unique. Our employees live by the Kubota spirit on a daily basis. Building on our mission 'For Earth, For Life – Kubota', they use their creativity, courage and all of their skills in their work for the company and thus contribute to producing the necessities of life for mankind: the environment, food and water.

In 1890, Gonshiro Kubota, the founder of KUBOTA, started his metal casting business at the age of 19. Believing that: "If you try hard, you can get it done" and "Do not be afraid of making mistakes", he contributed to society with his business. He became the first producter of iron water pipes in Japan, and later, actualized mechanization of agriculture.

Making every effort for the benefit of society was Gonshiro Kubota's guiding principle. Kubota products should not only be of exceptionally high quality and at the cutting edge of technology, but they should also contribute to the development of people's living conditions.

The Kubota Group and all its employees have adopted Gonshiro Kubota's vision and live by it in their day-to-day work. Our employees have a pioneering spirit and creativity, a hands-on mentality and a willingness to make the impossible possible for our customers.


= Relations among food, water, and the environment
Food, water and the environment are not separate themes, but linked closely to each other.


Contributing to the abundant and stable production of food by streamlining of agriculture.


Contributing to supply and to restore reliable water by enhancing water infrastructures.


Contributing to create and preserve a comfortable living environment by enhancing social infrastructures.

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