Forage TE6583T-TE8511T


 TE6583T-TE8511T - KUBOTA
 TE6583T-TE8511T - KUBOTA
 TE6583T-TE8511T - KUBOTA
 TE6583T-TE8511T - KUBOTA

Trailed tedders with 8.3 and 11.0m working width, combining high performance with low power requirements.

Combining High Performance With Low Power Requirements 

The 6583T and 8511T are high performance tedders for farmers requiring a large working width for low power tractors. Both tedders have low lift and input requirements, and are specially designed for low horsepower tractors. This design minimises compaction and operating costs. Certainly a great advantage in times of escalating fuel prices.

The Advantages :

  • Ideal machines for low hp tractors due to the trailed concept.
  • Narrow transport measurements.
  • Hydraulic folding for transport done from the tractor cab.
  • Drawbar/hitch connection for very easy coupling and uncoupling.
  • 7 tine arms per rotor for optimal pick-up and distribution of material.
  • 10mm strong tines with 80mm coil diameter.
  • Box type frame composed of two U-sections for extremely solid Construction.

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Technical specifications

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