We want to use this year’s Agritechnica to be more in touch with you. Visit our booth in hall 5 and ask us the questions that are important to you, be critical and give us the opportunity to develop solutions together with you. Every single Kubota employee works towards the goal of a concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Every discussion is incorporated into the development of new solutions. We are Kubota together with you – make the impossible possible.



Latest Kubota machines designed to serve the demands of its modern customers.
Kubota, a leading manufacturer of agricultural tractors and equipment, is today announcing the launch of its M7003 series, which will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2020. The third-generation tractor will arrive in the market much earlier than expected, following recent advancements in technology and the continued success of the M7002.

M5001 Low Profile

New machine is the latest in the M5001 series, with added features to enhance safety, manoeuvrability and comfort.
Kubota, a leading manufacturer of agricultural tractors and equipment, is today announcing the launch of its M5111 Low Profile, a new specialised tractor. The M5111 Low Profile comes from the Kubota M5001 series, and incorporates the main characteristics of the standard versions, adding specific features to reduce the overall height of the tractor and enhance manoeuvrability, comfort and safety.

M5001 Power Crawler

Kubota presents the new narrow track tractor M5001 Narrow Power Crawler, which complements the proven product series M5001.
With the M5001 Narrow Power Crawler, Kubota has developed a narrow track tractor with integrated crawler tracks for intensive management of vineyards and orchards in demanding terrain. The M5001 Narrow Power Crawler is designed to be powerful and easy to maneuver in confined spaces to meet the specific needs of the job. In combination with a high tractive force, this ensures efficient operation.


POWER HARROW PH3001The PH3001 is for perfect seedbed preparation as the basis for high yields in all kinds of soil conditions.

“Robustly designed for use on tractors up to 250HP with the Kubota heavy-duty trough design and Quick-Fit tines, this power harrow is the right choice for large farms and contractors who look for high quality and efficiency,” explains Daniel Northoff, Product Manager at Kverneland Group Soest.


CU3001/CU3001P will be the right choice for both, shallow stubble and deeper working depths.

“Stubble cultivation, especially within a minimum tillage cultivation program, conserves soil structure and moisture and limits erosion,” Guillaume Hulin explains. ”It’s an operation which requires great consideration. Efficient stubble cultivation is the basis of success for the following crops!”


Kubota extend the SC1000/SC1000C product range by folding models in 4m working width complying with traffic regulations for best productivity

When the need for capacity of a 4m sowing unit is limited by road regulations, Kubota is now offering the right solution with the folding SC1401F for standard sowing and the SC1401CF for grain and fertiliser application.

ELECTRIC MICRO GRANULE APPLICATORKubota has launched the new electric driven micro granule applicator for the PP1450V and PP1601TF sowing units.

The applicator for micro granule and micro fertiliser has been designed back to back behind the sowing unit and offers a hopper capacity of 17 liters. It is electrically driven and ISOBUS controlled. The metering device developed in Soest consists of a wear-resistant plastic housing and exchangeable cell wheels…


Folding models in 4m working width complying with traffic regulations for best productivity.

When the need for capacity of a 4m sowing unit is limited by road regulations, Kubota is now offering the right solution with the folding SC1401F for standard sowing and the SC1401CF for grain and fertiliser application.


Kubota is offering the mounted versions now with 5 models, the 3.00m and 3.50m rigid and the 4m, 5m and 6m fold.

The CU1000F can be used in all seasons, for operation from 3cm down to 20cm deep: in spring for opening the soil after the winter time (air drying up) or destroying grassland, in summer for stubbling (first pass or second pass), and in autumn/winter for seedbed preparation before seeding/planting.


The SC3001CMP is the combined grain and fertilizer version of the cultivator-mounted seed drill SD3001MP.

Kubota has extended the model range of power harrow mounted seed drills by the combined grain and fertiliser version of the SD3001MP. The SD3001CMP is especially adapted to the needs of the European markets where a growing proportion of cereal is sown in spring and the application of a mixture of different seeds in one step is requested.

TE10511 & TE10511C

TE10511 mounted & TE10511C trailed with 11.2 m working width, high performance, compact construction and a modern design.

The new Models TE10511 & TE10511C with its 11.2 m working width and its 10 rotors secure perfect results in all crop conditions. Thanks to the compact folding, these two models have comfortable dimensions.



It is the ideal combination of effective suspension concept for accurate cutting performance and new operator friendly features.

Output and efficiency is directly affected by operator comfort, which is why the new series of DMC7300 mowers are packed with new operator friendly features. With a complete package of models and variants to choose from, 3.2 or 3.6m working width, steel tine conditioning or rubber rollers, there is a wide variety of models suiting any efficient combination.


Compact Mounted and Trailed Twin Rotor Rakes

Kubota Introduces a New Line of Compact and Uncomplicated Twin Rotor Rakes.

Kubota reveals its new line of compact twin rotor rakes with the new 6.4m RA2064 and RA2064M, available as either trailed or mounted centre swath rake. Both rakes offer excellent usability, compact dimensions and very easy operation and handling.


GEORAKEKubota GEORAKE: driver can fully concentrate on turning as efficiently as possible – lift of rotors is automatically done by GEORAKE.

Kubota RA4515 comes with the new GEORAKE section control, taking the hassle out of finishing swaths correctly before turning on headlands. GEORAKE automatically lifts the rotors at the right time, leaving well-shaped swaths while improving productivity.


RA4012 & RA4513

The Kubota RA4012 & RA4513 master high capacity with its 10.0-12.5m working width.

The new CompactLine RA4012 & ProLine RA4513 rakes from Kubota are tailor-made for the toughest conditions. A 10.0-12.5m working width boosts capacity, while easy operation is made paramount by focussing on the elements that really matter.



Kubota is introducing a new high speed weighing spreader with a completely new design and new advanced features.  

Kubota is introducing the DSXL-W GEOSPREAD high speed weighing spreader in the professional arable farmer segment. The spreader has a complete new design, including some new advanced features and a newly designed RotaFlow spreading system for high accuracy at high driving speeds.


Kubota XTS3 series


Kubota is launching a trailed sprayer range with a user friendly design and maximal operator comfort.

Kubota is entering the trailed sprayer market with the XTS3 sprayer range. With this introduction Kubota extends the range of mounted sprayer to trailed field sprayers. The XTS3 series is designed with focus on short, low and compact dimensions, especially suitable for small to medium-sized mixed farmers. The user friendly design in combination with easy-to-understand electronics result in maximal operator comfort.


Kubota Farm Solutions                

Kubota Farm Solutions – For you!
Your passion is our motivation – which is why we are focusing on you as a farmer at this year’s Agritechnica. With Kubota Smart Farm Solutions, we present to you solutions that are based on your needs. With your help, we want to make our solutions even better, even more individual and even more sustainable.

It’s no secret that agricultural businesses face many challenges. But which approaches  promise to meet all requirements? Efficiency is probably the most frequently mentioned key word in this context. Higher, faster, further – that’s the answer. At Kubota, however, we believe that a powerful tractor alone is not enough to equip you  for the future. Kubota Smart Farm Solutions takes into account the different adjustments you make every day to increase your efficiency. Integrated approaches with intelligent technologies, networked solutions and practice-oriented services help you to continue your work with passion. Five advantages, one cycle – we stand for a unique approach that focuses for the first time on you as a farmer and owner. We go one step further – from a classic agricultural machinery manufacturer to a system provider, for your future. With Smart Farm Solutions, we bring our entire service portfolio into one cycle.

We want to support you in maintaining and increasing the efficiency of your business and help you to be prepared for future challenges – 360° for 100% success. This is why we have developed our five values.

We don’t just want to sell machinery; we want to offer you solutions. Our added value is what makes change happen. Change for  better agriculture – for a successful future.

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