Kubota’s Award Winning 09 Engine Series

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2019 has been a milestone year for Kubota Engine Division. It has been the year of new challenges, new products, new concepts and an award which was recognised throughout the world. The newly designed V5009, a 4-cylinder 157kW engine, winning ‘Diesel of the Year’, has become Kubota’s brand-leading product for various applications, in the logistics sector e.g. for wheel loaders, rollers and compactors, compressors and pumps.

‘The V5009 engine will be used by customers who would normally be looking for an engine with the power output of a six or seven litre engine, but want to save on sizing. This means that customers will get a lot of power for their application, without having to compromise on space for installation’, says Daniel Grant, Marketing Manager Kubota Business Unit Engine Europe.

The V5009 engine was not only built under ‘Downsizing’ aspects but also ensuring it would comply with the strict exhaust emission regulations within the US and Europe, as well as with the upcoming Chinese off-road emission regulations. With all of these features, plus the after-glow of winning Diesel of the Year 2019, customers will recognise the value of the new Kubota 09 series for themselves.

Next trade fair stations for the V5009 will be the UK’s largest logistics event IMHX, 24 – 27 September 2019, Birmingham and the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, AGRITECHNICA, 10 – 16 November 2019, Hanover where visitors can experience up close why this versatile engine is the right machine for their applications.

Kubota 09 Series: https://global.engine.kubota.co.jp/en/kubota09/

Kubota Europe Homepage: https://www.kubota-eu.com/

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