KUBOTA presents alternative drives at AGRITECHNICA 2017

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KUBOTA will be exhibiting its industrial engines with diesel and alternative drives at AGRITECHNICA 2017 in Hanover. In an age when diesel engines are getting increasingly complex and, in spite of costly exhaust gas after-treatment, often criticised by institutions such as local authorities, some machinery manufacturers are looking for alternative drives which can be inserted into existing machine concepts in a cost-effective manner.

To meet the needs of this ever-growing group of customers, KUBOTA, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial engines, offers a comprehensive range from which the customer can choose between diesel, petrol, LPG or natural gas engines. In this case, depending on the performance classes, the footprint, i.e. the mounting or connection points for the various units, is always the same. This means that, without a great deal of work, engines with the same function can be equipped with drives for a wide range of fuel types according to customer requirements or market demands.

The interesting thing is that e.g. the petrol versions from KUBOTA are very much on a par with the diesel engine of the ‘same structure’ in terms of torque and performance thanks to extensive technical interventions in the engines. For example, some diesel engines have four-valve technology, while the spark-ignited versions (petrol/LPG/natural gas) have a two-valve cylinder head which is designed for a particularly good performance and torque development.

With the transition to EU emission Stage V, which will come into force in 2019, for many applications it is worth considering these robust and cost-effective alternatives to the increasingly complex diesel drives.

At AGRITECHNICA 2017 from 12 to 18 November 2017 in Hanover, KUBOTA will be exhibiting its product range in the ‘Systems & Components’ exhibition area in hall 16, stand D53.

KUBOTA_Baugleiche Motoren - unterschiedliche Verbrennungsverfahren und Kraftstoffe


Two KUBOTA engines with the same structure, but different combustion systems and fuels.

Front: diesel engine with catalytic converter and particle filter, ‘Stage V ready’.

Rear: spark-ignited engine with fully electronic ignition for petrol, LPG or natural gas.


(Photo: KUBOTA)


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