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KUBOTA ‘Diesel Power Pack’ for future EU emissions stage V

Machinery manufacturers across all sectors are currently working hard to assign their development capacities effectively to ensure that their machinery portfolios include the modern low-emissions engines required by the new European emissions stage V, and do so in time for their scheduled introduction in 2019. Diesel particulate filters will be mandatory, but the necessary electronics are proving a challenge for many companies.

To keep the work to a minimum – for smaller machinery manufacturers in particular – KUBOTA is set to offer ‘Diesel Power Packs’ with common rail technology and exhaust gas treatment in accordance with the planned emissions legislation stage V in the power range up to 55 kW. In some cases, these extremely compact units allow to take off up to 100% power at the side PTO, proving indispensable to engineers, even when they have the smallest of installation spaces to work with. Furthermore, they do not need an intercooler, which reduces space and cost requirements even further.

For sales abroad, less expensive mechanical versions of these power units are also available, which are ideal for countries with less stringent regulations but challenging fuel situations.

Smaller manufacturers are now in a position to implement what has previously been reserved exclusively for major global leaders in construction machinery production, that is to say common rail technology and state-of-the-art exhaust gas treatment. What’s more, this is possible without excessive effort and taking into account profitability. The KUBOTA ‘Diesel Power Pack’ makes engineers’ work more manageable, takes up less space and offers the same levels of reliability and durability that KUBOTA engines have come to be known for over the years.

This product will be launched at BAUMA 2016 trade fair where KUBOTA industrial engines will be showcased in hall 5 at stand 249.

KUBOTA Diesel Power Pack

3.3 l displacement, 55 kW power output: KUBOTA’s ‘Diesel Power Pack’ even addresses the needs of smaller machinery manufacturers, who are facing the challenge of implementing engine technology in line with EU emissions stage V in the future.
(Works photograph: KUBOTA)


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Press release: KUBOTA Diesel Power Pack for future EU emissions stage V

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