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Alternatives to Diesel Engines

Diesel engines have traditionally been the main drives used within the construction and agricultural sectors. These engines are robust, economical and a relatively cost-effective option in terms of production, servicing and repairs. This has always been the case, but is this now all set to change?

At the very least, the introduction of European emissions stage V at the end of the decade will bring an end to the ‘cheap’ factor, as the majority of diesel engines will need lots of electronics, a diesel particulate filter and a whole host of further components, which will push the purchase price up by some considerable margin and mean that servicing and repairs will become more of challenge.

Add into the mix the endeavours of some cities and metropolitan areas, including Paris, where plans to ban diesel vehicles entirely are under consideration with the aim of reducing CO2 and NO2 emissions following periods of extreme air pollution. The relevant municipal procurement offices are already looking into alternative options.

With this in mind, engine manufacturer KUBOTA is providing an extensive range of engines operated by alternative fuels which can be installed instead of diesel engines. As an alternative to diesel, the machinery manufacturer has the choice between power units with similar dimensions (footprint) fuelled by gasoline, natural gas, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas).

Bearing in mind that alternative drives of this kind are even cheaper to procure than the diesel engines of the future with their costly exhaust gas after-treatment, this range of options is sure to open up new perspectives for a number of applications.

At the BAUMA 2016 trade fair KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH showcased its range of industrial diesel and alternative-fuel engines.

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KUBOTA industrial engines with similar dimensions, operated with either diesel or alternative fuels.
(Graphics: KUBOTA)


Press contact:

KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH
Engine Division
Ms Sigrid Rau01
Senefelder Strasse 3 – 5
63110 Rodgau / Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)6106 873-174
E-mail: s.rau@kubota.de



Press release pdf: KUBOTA Alternatives to Diesel Engines


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