Leading Kubota Engines Showcased at LAMMA 2024

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• New Kubota models on show and underline company’s commitment to leading edge, environmentally focussed engines for the agricultural sector
• Kubota’s new Hydrogen engine features in prestigious “Top Ten Products to see at LAMMA” guide

Innovative Kubota engine models, offering technological advancements and providing a host of advantages to the agricultural sector, will be on display at the LAMMA farm machinery show held at the NEC, Birmingham on January 17 and 18, 2024.
Two of the company’s latest, cutting-edge engines, the 3.8L hydrogen model and the V5009 unit, will be a major attraction for visitors at the show and are on display on the Kubota UK Ltd stand (Stand Number: 12 330) at the NEC.

Both engines have already attracted significant global interest and are particularly suitable for various agricultural applications.
The V5009 is aligned to satisfy the diverse needs of the farming industry and is suitable for forestry and agricultural applications and uses such as crop sprayers. It is also suited for the construction and industrial machinery sectors and also for mobile gen set applications.

The V5009 is a highly attractive option for customers who would usually require a larger six or seven litre engine to meet their higher power needs but can achieve this with the compact, smaller Kubota unit.
A key feature for operators is that the V5009 supplies much greater power outputs for machinery without the need for extra space for installation.
That means the engine does not require modifications to be made to customers’ machines during its installation. The V5009 dimensions are only 889 mm, 693 mm, 967 mm (length x width x height) with a dry weight of just 600 kg (1323 pounds).

With a rated power of 157.3 kW at 2200 rpm the four-cylinder, 5.018 litre V5009, which meets EU Stage V and EPA/CARB Tier 4 emissions compliance, was Kubota’s first diesel engine to deliver more than 200 horsepower.
With its high power density the V5009 offers a wide range of operator advantages including versatility with a 100% power take-off at the flywheel and front end, a side power take off with up to four hydraulic pumps and a choice of flywheel housing and flywheel for OEM coupling.

For ease of maintenance there is an automatic belt tensioner and one-side maintenance.

Other features of the V5009, which has a direct injection combustion system and common rail fuel system, include a high-pressure supply pump, an optimised water jacket with heat resistance for the high power rating and a ladder frame structure for noise reduction.

Fuel consumption has been reduced by maximising the cylinder pressure and there is the benefit of a cold start capability of -30 °C and a 500-hour engine oil service interval (with standard heavy-duty usage).
All Kubota engines, including the V5009, can use paraffin-based fuels complying with European standard EN 15940.
Certain to be one of the most- high profile engines at LAMMA is the four-cylinder 3.8L, H2 hydrogen model and which has a rated power of 85 kW at 2600 rpm.

Such is the anticipation regarding the Kubota hydrogen engine’s appearance at LAMMA that respected industry news organisation, Farmers Guardian, includes it in its guide to the “Top Ten Products to see at LAMMA”.
As part of Kubota’s long-standing mission to make engines compatible with new fuels and to work to achieve carbon neutrality the company is constantly researching the application of alternative, decarbonised fuels such as hydrogen, bio and synthetic fuels.

The H2 hydrogen engine is based on the spark-ignited type WG3800 engine and eliminates carbon dioxide emissions by only using hydrogen as a fuel.

By keeping the size or footprint of the existing engine, Kubota has maintained the variety of accessory selections and compatibility with customer applications. Also, the position of the Power Take Off has not changed.
The Kubota hydrogen engine is expected to be an attractive choice within the agricultural sector and is already attracting major industry attention and awareness.

One of the largest mobile generator manufacturers in the world and Kubota have already agreed on the development of a dedicated hydrogen generator equipped with a Kubota hydrogen engine.
Daniel Grant, Manager, Marketing, Marketing Intelligence for Kubota Business Unit Engines Europe, said Kubota offers support, technological back-up and leading engine products to support every part of the agricultural sector.

He added: “As a company Kubota is committed to creating a more prosperous future for people around the world by developing agricultural machinery powered by engines which match day to day demands and requirements.
“The engines on show at LAMMA underpin our determination to provide innovative solutions for the farming sector and demonstrates our commitment to the wider environment through the use carbon alternative fuels.
“Because our new engines have the same footprint as existing models the demands placed on maintenance and installations teams is greatly reduced.

“Furthermore, because our engines are so compact we can offer enhanced power from the same machinery dimensions.
“The V5009 and H2 hydrogen engines are a great addition to the established, tried and trusted Kubota engine portfolio and LAMMA will provide an excellent opportunity for the agricultural community to discover the huge range of benefits Kubota can offer.”

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